Protection Gauge

Visualize Vehicle Protection

Your Choice Protection offers customers a view of their current coverage. Our percentage based indicator helps customers visualize how much vehicle protection they currently have. A simple “Upgrade Coverage” button provides customers the option to enable/browse any available coverage plans for their vehicle.

Visualize Vehicle Protection Visualize Vehicle Protection
Personalized Coverage Choice Personalized Coverage Choice

Capture missed F&I revenue post vehicle sale

Personalized Coverage Choice

Connected to your existing F&I products and menu rating engine, Your Choice Protection democratizes access to missed F&I products after the vehicle sale for both customers and service advisors on behalf of their customers.


Coverage Info

Customers today desire full disclosure. Beyond compliance requirements, providing access to all the coverage details, exclusions, limitations, contract detail and marketing in one simplified view on the customers smartphone because it could capture missed F&I revenue and lower cancellations.

Coverage Info Coverage Info
Purchase Confirmation


Purchase Confirmation

Customers can completely purchase or finance these post sales F&I purchases on their smartphone. Unlike some other limited solutions that promote F&I post vehicle sale, Your Choice protection is connected and endorsed by the F&I administrators that have adopted this intelligent solution, so only the F&I products that are available to the customer at the time they’re reviewing the options are displayed, removing any products the customer already purchased and removing F&I products that are not available due to compliance reasons or vehicle eligibility status. Also the customer (or the service advisor) can easily access, engage and finalize claim service when needed in the same solution where it was purchased. One solution!

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