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Push Notifications

Dealer Messages creates a modern push notification and stylized message connection for the dealer to communicate a welcome message, service drive promotions, post sales F&I product offers, dealer sponsored community events and much more to their customers.

Push notifications with actionable in-app messaging is native to the customers smart devices and how to best create awareness with direct linkage to the desirable results. Business is built on relationships and good long-standing relations require desired communication to thrive.

Push Notifications Push Notifications
Manage Messages

Message Center

Manage Messages

Leverage an administrative interface to easily dispatch deals & announcements. Set offer expirations and manage multiple Dealer Messages in one place.

Admin Control

Message Options

Our platform provides you with title, description, imagery and delivery date. Additionally, you may filter the customers that will receive the message. Dispatching communications is simple, fast and effective.

  • Set Message Schedule

    Define when your messages are distributed

  • Targeted Audience

    Send to all dealerships, or narrow your message reach easily

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